This work is the maximum, enough to pay their debts, and who knows, you could even let you test your new Mercedes Benz in the next three weeks. If you are very anxious and not want to read what continues to go straight to the section of the instructions at the end of this article.

Hi, I want to share this great way to work, so I'd have to take a few minutes and read if you ever think: "HOW CAN I MAKE MONEY FAST, SERIOUSLY?", Or if you have serious debt and are willing to do anything just to get your debtors to pay, sit back, prepare a cup of coffee and something to accompany him, and listen to this, which may be an interesting resource. (This is in text format so it can be edited by any editor program you have. Let me start by saying that I finally found it!. Seriously!, I found it.)
I knew it would be easy and I was not wrong ... (I LOVE THE INTERNET) ... Was checking the NEWSGROUP I saw. An article that said to get money fast!. I thought ... "ON THE INTERNET?. Well, I have to see what kind of scheme can present on the Internet." This article described a way to send BY MAIL TICKET FOR A DOLLAR OR EURO ONLY FIVE PEOPLE AND MAKE $ $ 50,000 IN CASH IN 4 WEEKS!. Well, When I thought about it but the more curious I became, for what, because of the way this worked and BECAUSE ONLY GOING TO COST 5 DOLLARS OR EUROS (AND FIVE STAMPS), AND THAT WAS ALL WE HAD TO PAY. .. AND NOTHING ELSE!. OK, the $ 50,000 USD in cash could be a high point to reach, but it was possible. I figure that perhaps it could have a range of $ 1,000 USD more or less so I did!. As he said the instructions in article submission, by mail one dollar bill or a bill of one Euro for each of the five people on the list containing the item. Included a small written note saying "Please include me in YOUR LIST" along with the dollar or Euro. Then I redid the list where I got the first, moved up one position each of the rest and included my name at the end of it. This was the way to get the money began to arrive to me. Then take this list that had to modify and post it to all newsgroups and BBS LOCAL, NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL KNEW and wait for the money began to arrive, ready to receive between $ 1,000 and $ 1,500 USD in cash. But that pleasant surprise and joy when all those envelopes began to arrive to me!. I knew immediately what it was when I saw. That the return addresses were from all over the world, most United States, Canada, Europe, South America and Australia!. I tell you, IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!. When I got in total?, $ .1000? $ 5,000? USD. I received a total of $ 23,000 USD! Could not believe it! Today I have a new home thanks to this! You must follow it and publish it where you can, the more you post and more people see it, there will be more opportunities for everyone to earn more money, this will determine how you will arrive by mail!. It's really easy to pass ... Let's review the reasons to do it: the only expenses are: 5 stamps, 5 envelopes and 5 dollars or euros, then publish the article with your name included in all newsgroups or bulletin board you can think of (this is free) and then wait by on reaching you. We all have $ 5 to spend in a easy investment and that does not involve any kind of effort with a SPECTACULAR Reward BETWEEN $ 15,000 AND $ 25,000 USD in 3 to 5 weeks. So prívate to play the lottery today, or rather eat at home instead of going outside and invests those $ 5 in this that can give you a nice surprise!. No way to lose! How does this work exactly??, Carefully provides the most detailed and simple instructions on how you will make easy money arrives. Prepare to achieve, this is the way ...

INSTRUCTIONS 1. In a blank page he writes: "PLEASE INCLUDE MY NAME IN YOUR LIST" ("PLAS ADD MY NAME TO YOUR LIST"). This automatically generates a service and as such, it does completely legal. From now on these not sending a dollar or a euro to someone for no reason, they pay one dollar or one Euro for a legitimate service. Be sure to include your name and address. I assure you again that this is completely legal!. As a nice touch put in that position each name appeared when you sent your dollar ("You were in position 3") or ("You were in slot 3") to make it more complete!. That is, to make money and have fun at the same time. 2. Now fold this page written around the bill of one dollar or one euro (do not send checks or other payment, JUST AN AMERICAN DOLLAR BILLS and EURO TICKET), put everything inside an envelope and send to each of the 5 people listed. The idea of folding the paper around the bill, is to ensure that you reach your destination and THIS IS IMPORTANT!. (Otherwise people working in the mail could detect that this is money and keep the thousands of envelopes you are coming !!!). 3. Listen carefully, this is the way you like to receive money by mail or home address. Look at the list of five people, delete the first name on the list and add yours at the end of it, so it was number 2 becomes number 1, which was 3 becomes 2, which was 4 renumbered 3, which was 5 becomes 4, and you are now the number five. Include your name, address, zip code and country. 4. Now publishes this article as long as possible, there are thousands of newsgroups, if you know BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) local with areas messages, etc.., Where you can think of (remember that it is LEGAL). When you publish the description of this article tries to give a name to "catch" as: "NEED MONEY FAST, READ THIS ARTICLE" NEED MONEY TO PAY THEIR DEBT ???", etc. And the more you post more likely to receive more money you will also have the opportunity you give others who are interested to make money. S CLAIM THE COMMITMENT TO BE HONEST AND COMPLY WITH THE LEGAL, PUTTING 100 PERCENT OF U.S. SO THAT THIS SYSTEM WORKS! !. You'll be amazed of the benefits, believe me!. Ponte in mind a certain number of publications to, say 15-20 or more publications! always keep it in mind!. Try not to alter the type of file, leave it as text into DOS, so everyone can save it and read it without having to work

1. Victor Salgado Hdz. Achilles Serdán # 90. Cologne. Employee. Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. C.P 62250
2. Ivette Alvarez Torres: Bardigglio # 10. Colonia Lomas del Marmol č.p. 72574 - Puebla, Mexico
3. Good face Eleno Andrade-11 "b" South # 5114 int. 201 Colonia blue water meadows CP 72430 - Puebla Mexico.
4. Hugo Alberto Grimaldo Ponce-mutualism No: 15 int. 2 C.P.92800 see Tuxpan center.

5. Poaquiza Poaquiza Olmedo, PO Box No: 17/01/1287, Quito-Ecuador


At the time of sending the envelopes, start sending from the number 5, people from the list, I noted on many other lists, to receive the money.


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